Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A healthy dose of honesty

A couple of days ago my son brought some old pictures up from a box in the basement. He is doing a photo essay for school and found an old picture of me. I looked at that picture and smiled. I loved the way I looked in that picture. I laughed and asked him if he knew who it was. He gave me a funny look and said, "Mom, that is you". I laughed again and said, "Quite a difference, huh?" Then he said to me, "You really don't look much different" That statement blew my mind.

I looked at the picture a little closer. I was a few years younger, I believe it was almost 10 years ago. It was taken by a friend of mine when she and I had gone on a Not-the-Momma vacation to the Florida keys. I looked much more closely at that picture. I realized that I was not all that much thinner then than I am now. My hair is slightly different, but no real major difference. Obviously I hadn't had any cosmetic surgery done then that I have since had reversed. Then it dawned on me.

In that picture, I was happy. I had taken some time away from an abusive and dying marriage. I had been getting some much needed sleep. I was visiting with a lot of Internet friends as well, who all were so happy to see me and who all thought I was pretty important. I suppose I was feeling very good about myself in that photo. That is the key.


Qualicum RN said...

Very well put. When people feel happy on the inside they seem to eminate this wonderful aura about them which makes them look happier, and sexier. I glad you saw that in yourself. And good on your son for saying you look the same. That is a huge compliment!!

Have a grand day!!

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Great post!

I never get that feeling looking at old picts of myself.

It's a little creepy on my end. I wish I could give that guy in the picture some advice (like buying stock in Amazon.com or staying away from certain people)