Monday, November 13, 2006

The first step.......

Why would someone want to love me, if I cannot love myself.

If I see myself as less than worthy, less than intelligent, less than beautiful, how can anyone else see me differently? The image I portray to the world is the one in which I see myself. I am starting to come to those realizations.

I may NOT be the most beautiful woman by the standards set by fashion and society. But, I am beautiful. I am beautiful because I am real. Unlike the pictures on the magazines or on television or in movies, I am not airbrushed.

My eyes are real...they have cried real tears, seen real miracles, witnessed love and hate and indifference. My lips are real....they have spoken words of love, of anger, dissappointment. They have kissed away the pain of a child. They have kissed a friend to let them know I am close. They have kissed a lover to bring him pleasure. My arms are real...they have cradled my newborns, hugged a loved one, comforted a scared patient or a family member of a patient who was very ill or dying. They have held that patient as they died. My shoulders are real....they have carried many burdens, both my own and other peoples....and yet, remain broad and strong.

All of these things are what make me beautiful....and there are people in this world who see that beauty in me......and want me to see that beauty in myself. This is my first step........


crazymumma said...

You are loved. You have 4 children....And it sounds like you are learning to love yourself, with all of the flaws you so bravely and honestly present. It is not always easy to face ourselves in our minds eye.

Oh, and a man, my age (40plus) did drop dead that day, right after he finished.

Dreamspinner said...

You've written a powerful thing here. I think that every woman has beauty-every face and shape and smile.
Sometimes I feel "less than" but then I remind myself that the media is money-driven by the beauty and diet industries and that is why only one body type is portrayed.