Friday, February 16, 2007

To thine own self, be true

This is a quote I have always loved. It is what I aspire to. I have tried to instill this in my children as well. For them to find within themselves that which truly makes them happy and pursuing it with vigor. It is what I have always wanted for myself as well.

I have always admired those people who have been able to do this and make no apologies for it. They live their lives according to their own set of rules while still maintaining the universal law of Live and Let Live. I am not speaking of people who cause harm and pain to others in order to fulfill some perverse pleasure. I am talking about those people who love and accept themselves and make no apologies for such, even if others do not.

I am in such a situation at present. Life has presented me with an opportunity to fulfill a dream, a happiness that I thought was lost forever. The dilemma and the point in which most people seem to dwell on is that this opportunity arose around the same time as another change occurred in my life. The life change that happened first, just paved the way for this opportunity. Almost as if God Himself were the chess master and those of us involved were merely the pawns. I am a believer in God and that He has a definite plan for us. Who am I to mess with that?

There are people in my life who feel the need to impose their opinions about my opportunity and life change on me. I am not sure what they hope to achieve with this? Do they hope that I will look at them and promptly change my course of action? Do they think that I will look at their life course and feel envious that mine has been so fraught with trials and tribulations? Do they feel that I am unaware of the poor choices I have made in the past and that maybe I should just do my penance and never feel joy again? Do they not know that every bad choice, every good choice, every decision, experience, and action has made me who I am.

The person standing before them, the person I am, is the culmination of everything I have experienced, whether it be from choices I have made for myself or choices that have been inflicted upon me. The belief system I subscribe to, the moral code I live by, the personal law I abide by all had evolved over time. It has changed and grown. Not everyone is like that, and that is okay. There are people who have lived by the same set of rules and morals all their lives, making every choice based on that moral code...and there is nothing at all wrong with takes a lot of strength and conviction to be true to that. It also takes strength to be able to change the things that are not working. In either case, the ultimate goal is to be true to yourself. That is what I intend to do. I will no longer make excuses for wanting to be happy. I will not apologize for seizing the opportunity that eluded me six years ago. I will not be ashamed of the situations that were not ideal, for those situations all taught me something, and those lessons are all what were needed to bring me to this point. This point of being on the brink of finding immense joy and fulfillment. Of embarking on yet another adventure, only this time with eyes wide open, fully aware of what I need and want to achieve. To have found a mate who sees all of the flaws I see, yet, does not see them as flaws, but as enhancements, as beauty, as perfection. I will make no apologies for finding the one thing that every person aspires love and be loved for exactly who you are.

TODAY what I like about me: my strength and adaptability.


Oh, The Joys said...

Follow your heart - as they say...

Anonymous said...

Like Jessica from OTJ said... follow your heart. If you know this path to be the RIGHT path for you, then follow it. Don't listen to the nay-sayers... they are just jealous and want to trip you up. Even if they think they are trying to protect, they have to let you live your own life and make your own decisions.

I totally understand what you mean about your beliefs changing with your life experiences. But I feel like the basic core of any moralistic belief is that you are a good person and you try to live a decent life. After that, what and how you believe is all just icing (IMHO, any way).

Just do what you believe is the right thing for YOU to do.

Desiree said...

Yes, I think that perhaps there is nothing sweeter then to be loved for who you are and to love someone in all of their human imperfections for who they are!

Anonymous said...

I think you're right about us being the sum of all that we've experienced, good and bad. Ultimately, we have to make ourselves happy, not others, so go for it. Be happy, embrace your life, enjoy.

Anonymous said...

Follow you heart. Follow your gut instinct about what is right for you. Don't let this opportunity pass you by, because others feels it's wrong, etc. And from what I read, you aren't. GOOD for you!

I made a choice like this 10 years ago, and it was the BEST thing I've ever done. On so many levels, for so many reasons. The older I get, the less I care about those people who impose their beliefs on me. Like I said..follow your heart.
All the best
(PS..I came over from OTJ's, after seeing your comment!)

quasimod said...

yes. i ve also made , in retrospect, unwise choices in my life. but we must continue. because no body else will be us again. we are here once. and we must comeback every single time, right unto the last.

sure , i messed up. big time. but i still got confidence in me. that i can rock the world.

this is me - with everything i ve done. i can live with it. i wish to change nothing . because , like you said, it has made me who i am. n u know what - i like who i am.

there is only one way to live, in my view - with courage, and unshakeable self - belief.

in my self i will trust. amen.

Danielle said...

WOW!!! i must say that though i do not know you i am definitely with all sincerity proud of you. This post has definitely given me some great insight on alot and for that I THAN YOU! Continue to be well in everything!