Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A word about love

Happy Valentine's Day

Being in love is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. You feel giddy, and light. Everything looks right with the world. We all know there are many types of love as well. The most profound being that of unconditional love.

Most people think of unconditional love as the kind of love you have for another human being. A parent for a child, or child for parent. A woman or man for their spouse. This kind of love you feel when you know that no matter what happens, you will still love that person.

But the most uncommon thing I have ever encountered is Unconditional Self Love. Very few people love themselves unconditionally. To do this one has to accept their own limitations, accept the flaws, accept the whole package and love it just the way it is. Unconditional love also means loving despite any changes that may occur.

It is this unconditional self love that I am striving to achieve here in this blog. I have come such a long way in the short time since I started this exercise. I am so much more comfortable in my own skin, happier with myself and my interactions with others. I still have some way to go, but I am happy with my progress.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog... I feel like I'm looking in the mirror most of the time. I don't know that there is any human being on earth that unconditionally loves themselves... except maybe young children. But it is good to strive to love one's self, to look in the mirror and be comfortable, if not happy, with what you see. To know that you are a good person and worthy of all that is good in the world. To know that you are good at what you do and be confident in that knowledge.

It's easy to listen to the bad stuff, to people who want to beat you down to make themselves feel bigger and better. But you have to overcome that and tell the nay-sayers to "f" off. "Detoxify" yourself and surround yourself with good people who appreciate you and all you have to give.

But you know all this.

Oh, I love your new picture. You look like a happy, relaxed person. Someone who I'd be friends with in a minute and hang out with.

And thanks for the comment on my blog about my girls. I really do love them with all my heart and soul (despite what I said about wanting to murder them... LOL!). They are the light and joy in my life (even if they do drive me NUTS sometimes!). I feel so blessed to have them.

Flawed & Disorderly said...


Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!!!! You know what THAT does for me! :D

So I'm intrigued...this new love you mentioned on my it the self love I just read of? If so, congratulations!!!! I hope to get more of that when I grow up! Ha ha! It's coming...little by little. ;-D I hope to hear from you again!

Have a great weekend. Hopefully no farm mishaps in the hospital. Ew.

hillgrandmom said...

Yes unconditional self-love really is the most difficult. I still haven't reached there.
Thanks for stopping by my blog.