Friday, April 13, 2007

The Sadness Lifted Quickly....

The last post did seem rather dismal. I have been working like a fool lately, and so I haven't had the time to formulate an articulate post here. I fear this one may not be exactly it either, but that is okay.

The sadness I was feeling over the last weekend lifted quickly. For me this was a very good thing, very very important that those blue feelings do not linger long. My past struggles with depression have been difficult, so the fear of dropping back into that is very frightening. I have been medication free for over 4 years, and that is important to me. But as much as I do not want to be medicated again, I would do it in a heartbeat if I needed to. Not everyone can go off of the medications, and there is nothing wrong with that. But for me, I needed to be off of them.

But my sadness has gone. And things are looking rosier...soon I will be travelling to visit my friend and have a little R&R away from my crazy home and wild kids.


Patience said...

Glad you're better!

Ankakay said...

[. . .]
But as much as I do not want to be medicated again, I would do it in a heartbeat if I needed to.
[. . .]

Iris, thank you :)

For [erm, but not limited and/or excluded to - eheheh *laughs*)] sharing your thoughts / feelings regarding Kicking at the Darkness ♫ [ahh, Cockburn ;)] until it starts to Bleed your own Blinding DayLight [fear me, poor, defenseless metaphors :( heheh],


above all, your keen wisdom and insight into ... well, exactly how it feels [anxiety/ panic, fear/ terror, NOT.that.AGAIN--GO'WAY!! etc.(!) :P ] to be sensing the Ominous Return of the Undertow ;)

Iris, I was wonderfully-lured to your site via our mutual blogging community, Blogger Chicks - who could resist something as perfect as Imperfect Perfections? Heck, not I! Hahahah :P And (via Snap's SPA!) I'm really starting to truly grok the idea of simple, simple, SIMPLE(!!) *laughs* - by way of gorgeously elegant and graceful sites such as I sense this one is ['as far as I've gotten' - SO FAR!' *grins*] - and to sum something (/anything!) up . . . LOVE IT! :D

Okay, calming down a bit now, I would also like to empathise with how truly difficult I've also learned it can be to keep 'the woes' at bay, especially when any kind of History is involved (when is it not, I guess... heheheh :D ) - you are so graceful, empathic, compassionate, emotive (. . .!) in your writing.

Seriously - Good on you for getting It Lifted so Quickly. I hope it's of any solace to you that a complete stranger(?!) is very proud of you, not to mention hard-core admiring your Utter Grace :grins: :P

Nice to meet you, Iris(?) - it's been, and will continue to be I'm sure(!), a pleasure discovering your Wired Home.

Peace, from your new Perfect Follower ;)

[erm, begin non-spammy rel=nofollow'ed Link]:
aka Ankakay @ Expired Convictions

And, "Yes, please!": I'm, err, 'mentally interesting' *cowers at the stigma :P* with some-erm, a lot(?!) of ...

I think They call'em issues :\

I call'em, lessee...
Graces Yet to Be Grokked :O

[NOT CRAZY, durnit Self! ^.^] (Oh jeesh - don't forget to breathe, as I just have! Hahahah ;) Peace!]

Ankakay said...

RN, Single Mother o' Four, Writer Extraordinaire(...!!) in Alberta -- woohoo!! :D
[er, Check out Iris' Profile, newcomers! Heheh ;)]

I have an Auntie from-ish there with her own 4 "well behaved, well adjusted [ADULT] children"
*grins* They're ALL wonderful!! :D
[she wasn't born there, but spent most of her life there, now blissfully retired on some wicked lake in BC/AB/notsure! ;) )

Oh boy - where did I "go" there? *lost* heheh :)

AH yes, your (Iris'!) Profile -
JUST finished reading it myself :D - a woman after my own heart, as Someone(?!) says! Heheheh :P

S'an honour to meet you, Iris. ;)

Can I "stealz yr profyl"?! ;)
[kidding, in case that wasn't... OBliVerIOUS eheheh :P] (hahahah - "ew! Liver!" *cringes* :P)

Peace, peace... ;)
~Rae (*omgrunsaway*)