Saturday, May 5, 2007

Relationships.....when to stay, when to go..

It is always such a difficult question when faced with pain, tension, stress in a relationship. To know what road to take. To even acknowledge that one has a choice. We all have choices, free will. When there is pain, the choices are hard to make. The thought processes become muddied. The emotions overtake the logical mind and people make choices and decisions that perhaps are not the best ones for them.

The thing to remember is, the decision to leave can be made unilaterally. If one person decides to leave, there is really nothing the other can or even should do, to try to stop it. The person making that choice may or may not have entered into it with eyes wide open, but there is really nothing the other person can do to open their eyes. It is something that just needs to be accepted. The person who is struggling with that decision should, in all actuality, step back and make sure that it is really and truly the road they want to take, since once started down it, it is really difficult to turn around and go back. The path becomes so littered with broken dreams, broken promises, broken hearts, that navigating your way back is almost impossible. You may make it part way may even make it all the way back, but you will be so battle scarred and changed that what you find when you get back, is not at all what you expected. It is a treacherous road.

The decision to stay and work it out has to be made by both. One cannot decide to work on the relationship and the other just be passive. It takes hard work to stay. It takes being able to look into yourself and into your relationship and come out with a new understanding of each other. A lot of pain has to be re-visited and dealt with. It isn't easy, and it doesn't always work out. Sometimes, at the end of all that work, the decision to leave still has to be made.

It is wonderful when even through the difficulties that a relationship can bring, the underlying reasons that brought the two people together in the first place are still there, and both people can still see them as worth fighting for. I have found someone like that.....finally.


thailandchani said...

I agree that both (or all in some cases) have to decide to do their best to reconcile differences.

At the same time, so many relationships are built on expectations that they're doomed to failure.

I understand that no one is on this planet to cater to my needs. For the most part, it is up to me to fill those. Another person is in my life to enjoy and learn, to offer what I can, etc.

Much more on this... perhaps in a post one day :)



Lisa said...

oh, I am so glad I found you. I'm happy you feel that you've found someone. You give me hope.

Desireous said...

I really am so happy that you have this man in your life! You deserve that happiness and you deserve him!

Desiree said...

It really is a wonderful thing that you have met this person who brings you so much joy. It's all we can all ever hope to find. Nice post!